Thursday, December 24, 2009


Merry Christmas Eve!
I wasn't going to post . . .
Except I have to rant . . .
My cat just looked at me as if to say, "Now what?"
Well, I'm baking today.
Cookies for my daughters . . .
And making a delicious pie to bring to dinner tonight.
And while I baked, I had visions of watching the channel that airs Christmas Story continuously.
I had my apron on . . .
I was singing  some carols . . .
I turned the TV on . . .
I clicked the romote . . .
Kept clicking the remote . . .
What the heck?
No Christmas Story?
No Christmas Story!
Only 24 hours of White Christmas.
Bah humbug!
I like White Christmas,
But not as well as I like Christmas Story.
So . . .
No, Ralphie.
No, "You'll shoot your eye out!"
No, crazy lady's leg lamp.
No mean old Santa going, "Ho, ho ho!"
So, after clicking all up and down the channels to find something  . . .
What am I watching?
Vampires of the abyss.
Not a horror movie . . .
A documentary about vampire squid in Monteray Bay.

Always, Em-Musing

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Breeze said...

I have a Christmas Story story too! Lost my copy of went is nowhere to be found to buy! Walmart has 796492 different Christmas Ralphie...then I went to a local place and they had a three movie set of "classic" movies (Polar Express and Happy Feet~classic? Really?) for $ I bought it..out of Grandma's Christmas money...I could not go without the warm glow of hot electric sex in the window! Next year I swear I'm buying one of those lamps and putting it in my husband's office window which happens to look on to our main street! The neighbours will LOVE it!!

And I do find it hilarious when my four year old walks around with her arms out going "I can't put my arms down" she does a perfect impression of Randy..falls on the ground and rolls around as though she's stuck..hilarious! Well worth spending Grandma's money for!

Have a great holiday!