Friday, January 29, 2010


I went to bed thinking about my blog.
Today I was going to post about starting to write a synopsis.
Somewhere between thinking about signing up for an on-line course offered on the Story Sensei blog by Camy Tang and obsessing that I have to write a synopsis, I fell asleep.
And then . . .
3:00 AM.
(Isn’t that the witching hour?)
I woke up with a start. . .
Hearing a woman scream!
Normally I can always fall right back to sleep . . .
But the woman’s scream disturbed me.
Was it real?
Or did I just dream it?
Then I heard her scream again.
Her short yelp tore through the still blackness beyond my window.
I was wide awake now.
Who was she?
Where was she?
Was she outside?
I couldn’t tell.
On this clear, brisk and frigid night . . .
With the moon almost full .  .
Perhaps the wind carried her scream from blocks away.
Or maybe she was inside one of the apartments here in the complex.
What made her scream?
Who made her scream?
I waited to see if I would hear her again . . .
Or would I hear sirens?
Tossing and turning in my bed.
I finally dozed off . . .
Only to wake up . . .
My right calf felt like Jaws was biting it!
And my left foot was arching unnaturally downward looking like a goat hoof!
I jumped out of bed, walked around, and thankfully the cramping stopped.
I was OK.
And then I thought of the woman.
Would I hear about a homicide on the morning news?
A rape?
Or would she become one of the many abused women whose screams stifle with the rising sun?
Where is she this morning?
What is she doing?
I always like my blogs to be lighthearted.
But truthfully?
I can’t get this woman off my mind.
And being that I always write what’s on my mind . . .
She is what I’m writing about this morning . . .
She . . . 
Whoever you are . . .
I hope you are OK.

Always, Em-Musing

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Camy Tang said...

WOW. Weird. But sounds like something I'd do, too. I hope you take my class!