Thursday, February 18, 2010


My retreat of dreams?
A nightmare!
Oh, not that the aqua water wasn’t a feast for my eyes …
Or the tropical breezes didn’t soothe my senses …
Or that the all-inclusive package didn’t satisfy…
Or that I hadn’t found some real estate to look into.
It was the voice in my head that wouldn’t allow me peace.
What are you doing?”
“What do you mean? I countered, as if I didn’t know what I was being asked.
You’re here in Cancun on some wild goose chase squandering your time while you should be home submitting to agents.”
“What excuses do you have, huh? Your query? It’s finished!”
 “What’s that? You say you need a synopsis and that you’re working on it? Hello! FYI many agents don’t require one when you send the query.”
 “And you’ve already marked the agents in the 2010 GUIDE TO LITERARY AGENTS  who accept woman’s fiction.”
 “What? You’re insecure? You’re afraid of success? You’re a wuss!
“But I blog!”
“Blog? You’ve read dozens of times that you shouldn’t sacrifice your writing time to blog.”
 “But what?”
“I enjoy writing it. I get feedback I–”
“You’ve got to go the distance, Em. You’ve got to push. You’ll make it. Your writing is good. Your story is funny. Women will relate. There will be an agent (or several) who loves your manuscript who’ll find a publisher just as excited. You must push hard. It’s a numbers game You know that. Any questions?”
“I guess not.”
“And? What else?”
“I’ll get right to work as soon as I get home. And I’ll only blog when I’ve finished my goals for the day. OK?”
“Now you’re talking! That’s the kind of motivation I like to hear”

Always, Em-Musing

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