Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Either I’m clueless…
Or I have an alternate personality that finds strange blogs.
Just yesterday, I was looking through my blog when…
I found links to other blogs that I have no idea how they got there.
Links like: The House in Marrakesh blog.
Or, Floating Sheep blog.
Or, Madame Lamb blog.
How and when did they get there?
And why?
But then, after investigating a bit more…
I found out that… put them there.
So what does do?
Sneak around behind my back checking out other blogs?
That’s when I realized…
Having a blog…
Is much like a relationship.
You think you know someone…
You make a long-term commitment with them…
Only to find out months later…
They have secrets.
Like sneaking around and checking out the competition.
Was my blog sneaking behind my back?
And checking out other blogs?
Why you cad!
How dare you!
I’ve been a loyal to you!
I love you!
What’s that? Who me?
OK, yes. I admit it. I have looked at other blogs.
But there’s nothing wrong with looking. And it’s you I post on.
What? OK,  yes I admit it…
I do post on other blogs sometimes.
It’s called social networking. And everybody else is doing it.
What’s that?
Yes, you have a point.
It's OK to check out other blogs
And even post sometimes… 
Just as long as
You still think I’m the best.

Always, Em-Musing


Jen said...

I fell across your blog and I think this is the perfect post to start on! Blogger is so weird sending interesting people my way, some that fit my personality others that don't but it's all a relationship and a nice one!!

Em-Musing said...

Thanks for commenting. And I agree with you. I just got a kick out of the "lamb & sheep" connection blogger made with my blog.