Monday, July 26, 2010


Either I woke up in an alternative universe…
Or this is one bad day!
And it's only 6:00 A.M.!
Normally, I never ask “why?” when things go wrong.
I usually just rationalize—it’s life. Life happens.
But bad things are happening this morning.
And I don't know why considering
I had a good weekend!
New business cards that look great!
Practiced my pitch to my writer group Saturday!
(a bit long, but they liked it. I’ll tweak)
Even bought  new pair of heels for RWA Nationals
And they're comfortable!
But I woke up hearing a motor humming.
Oh, no!
My dryer!
Still going!
Since last night!
I jumped out of bed…
My back!
Just went out!
All I did was sleep!
(It couldn't be the heels, could it?)
To the dryer…
Clothes still damp.
Why did my dryer quit drying?
With three loads of clothes yet to do?
Including some lingerie for RWA Nationals too!
I hobbled downstairs…
Ow! Ow! OW!
Feel like a train wreck!
I ache all over!
Even in my
Dear God!
An impending sore throat!
(I knew I shouldn’t have picked my teeth with my finger last night!)
OK! That's enough!
I’m going to take Aleve Cold and Sinus
And some vitamin C and zinc
Chase them with a glass of Airborne…
Then grab the Yellow pages…
Hobble back upstairs
Crawl back to bed with the phone…
Wait till 9 A.M
To call a repairman, my chiropractor, and my doctor…
And see if me and my dryer can be fixed before…
Wednesday morning…
When I leave for…
RWA Nationals.

Always, Em-Musing


Natalie said...

What a morning! I hope you feel better and get the dryer working. It's so stressful when things go wrong before a big trip.

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Oh no! I have back issues too so I know miserable that can be. It could be the heels. I have a couple pairs that send me into spasms.

Hope you feel better for Wed.
Hope to see you there! I'll be "the girl in the hat."

Constance Phillips said...

Are you feeling better? Take a couple of deep breaths and a shot or two of tequila sweetie. We're going to have a lot of fun and there's nothing to stress over.

T. Anne said...

I hope your up the the RWA! I want to hear all about it!!!!