Thursday, September 16, 2010


Do you believe in coincidence?
I often wonder how coincidence works.
Yesterday, I wrote about Cassie the Flute Player.
Wasn’t sure why…
Other than I’m paying more attention to people around me…
Maybe because they’ll make great characters in my novels.
Anyway, yesterday afternoon…
I went to the nursing home again to visit the “near” person.
After visiting for only a short while I felt an urge to leave
“Sorry, I have to go now.”
I then went to the grocery store just a block away.
I always park at one particular entrance…
Yesterday, I felt the need to park at the other entrance.
I actually wrestled in my mind about changing the parking space.
Just as I got out of the car…
There was Cassie the Flute Player walking behind her wheel chair.
“Cassie!” I called out.
She turned and looked at me, not really remembering who I was…
And I had to remind her.
(happens to me all the time)
We talked awhile and I told her I had blogged about her.
She then invited me to go to a spiritual gathering this Saturday…
Somewhere out in the country.
“There’ll be a large crystal to sit on and a pyramid.”
Of course I know that pyramids and crystals have some kind of power…
But I don’t know what would be expected of me if I went.
“The earth is moving spiritually in a new direction, “ Cassie said.
Only people “meant” to be there will show up. 
If you come…
It’s because you were meant to be part of this spiritual awakening.”
I have no idea what any of that means, other than I’m intrigued.
Last night I mentioned to my daughter that I was thinking of going.
After reading about Cassie in my blog yesterday, she wants to go too…
She wants to meet the woman who gave up all of her material possessions…
To go on a spiritual journey to find herself.
I also mentioned going to this spiritual gathering to a friend.
“Are you nuts? Do you even know these people? What if something bad happens?
What if you wind up missing like so many other women you read about?
And where in the country is it?”
I explained that it’s by the intersection of two county roads…
I’ll see a driveway, turn down it and see a pole barn–
“This sounds crazy, if you ask me,” my friend said. “Don’t go.”
I’m fascinated.
I’m leery.
I'm also not sure.
Am I meant to be there?
If I don’t go, what does it mean?
If I do go what does it mean?
I mean, the experience would be great research for a novel.
Would you go?

Always, Em-Musing


Matthew Rush said...

Have you read the Celestine Prophecy?

Em-Musing said...

yeah, very long time ago. Hmm? Maybe I should re-read before SaturdaY?