Wednesday, May 4, 2011


You’ll be sorry!
You’ll miss me!
I’ve been good to you!
There’s nothing better out there!”
HA! Yes, I think there is!
Can you guess who was shouting at me?
Some words I deleted from my W.I.P.yesterday?
Some old clothes I weeded out recently?
Some choice words someone once said to me…
When the relationship was over?
What can I say folks?
Clutter is clutter…
Whether physical or emotional…
It ain’t never good (my best English)...
To hang on to it.

Always, Em-Musing


Sarah said...

Very good point, very well put.

Anne Gallagher said...

I've said those words in all 3 of your scenarios.

With my words, I waved a thesaurus around.

With my clothes, I went out and bought the exact same thing... in black.

With my ex's, hah, I happily waved them off and remained single.

Tana Adams said...

Oh how I luv me some delete!!!!