Tuesday, November 13, 2012


It is my pleasure to put the spotlight on Shay Lacy…
Fellow writer of MVRWA
(Maumee Valley Romance Writers of America)
The one whose finger you’ve seen wagging on my blog…
Shaming me to write, write, write!
And the one who made me declare my submission goals…
When I was back in Ohio a few weeks back.
I’m so happy to let all my followers know…
That her book, HERO NEEDED…
Is available now for purchase on Amazon.
More about Shay can be seen on her website.
Without further adieu, here it is.

Some heroes are born and some are forged by events.
Marisa’s best friend Carolyn was killed by a train,
but then Carolyn’s husband claims she committed
suicide. Proving he’s wrong will be a heroic feat.
EMT Nick Stark seems a natural for the job.
Yet the truths Marisa and Nick uncover spark
unexpected danger. Does the secret of Marisa’s
parentage tie in with Carolyn’s death? And is Marisa
prepared to face the truth in order to identify
whoever now wants her dead?

Hope you find HERO NEEDED a must read.

Always, Em-Musing

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations, Shay! Keep kicking Leigh in the butt.