Friday, December 11, 2015


This morning…
With fingers poised over my keyboard…
And an idea in my head…
For my blog post today…
I turn on my computer…
Why is my desktop picture changed?
I go to click on my blog icon on my desktop…
Where is it?
Where are ALL my icons?
 ** breathing faster **
I go to click on WORD…
My recently re-download WORD…
Because my other computer crashed.
** breathing accelerates **
I click to check my email files…
All my email files – GONE!
** hyperventilating **
I go to find my recovered files from Carbonite…
** tears * wailing * sobbing **
An inner voice calmly says…
Take a deep breath
Remember yesterday?
Your nephew used your computer?
Did he sign in under guest?
I have no idea.
Shut down your computer, then start it up.
15 seconds go by 
The longest seconds of my life.
Computer boots up…
Apple tune plays…
Two graphics pop up…
With shaky finger, I click on USER and…
Desktop, Icons, deck, files - All there!
** breathing returning to normal **
My computer was intact
And my sanity
Because for a few brief moments…
I felt like I was slipping over the edge.
But you didn't. You can relax now.
It's too early for wine 
But chocolate will work. 
Go ahead. Indulge. You earned it.
How’s your morning going?
Ever experience anything like this? 




Adam said...

We never cherish what we have until it's gone, a thumb-drive or a memory card would be a good idea when writing a digital book.

A Beer For The Shower said...

That was exhilarating... and has happened to me way too often. But it's usually just my computer going haywire, crashing, burning, and then dying a fiery death. This is why I back up everything to the cloud. If the computer crashes, I don't lose 3/4 of a novel and cry myself to sleep for the next year.

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