Wednesday, February 17, 2016


We write them
We speak them
But do we honor words?
Specifically, when you give your word. 
I’m going to put my heart
On my blog today
Because it’s hurting.
I’ve been working with a writer friend
Putting together a writer retreat.
She and I met four years ago
At a dinner party here in Mexico
Our host sat us next to each other
We discovered we were both writers
Both bought jungle lots in Rancho San Martin
With the intention of doing a writer retreat
Though we bought our lots at different times
They are across from each other
What are the odds, right?
Fast forward to a few months ago
We say, OK! It’s time! Let’s do this retreat!
First, upfront money from me ($2,300)
For a website, & deposit for retreat location
No biggie, though. I’ll recoup.
Then many hours putting the schedule together
Imagining how our different workshops will be 
The fun it will be 
And then lo and behold - an editor agreed to come!!!!
But then 
This past Saturday
In an EMAIL no less
My friend backs out! 
"My energy is in a different place
Winds of change blew into my life
I needs to honor it
You can do this retreat on your own.
I am hurt, angry, disappointed, confused
How could she go back on her word?
The truth is I can’t do this retreat on my own.
She was supposed to be doing energy workshops
On things I'm not trained in.  
I don’t have that expertise. 
I haven’t spoken to her yet
Though she wants to.
However, we’ve emailed back & forth some
But before I meet with her
I need to have my emotions in place
And right now they're scrambled.
I have no clue how to regroup the retreat.
In her last email she said
"I have to honor my new energy."
I have a deep question for you… 
When it comes to "honoring"… 
How to you choose WHAT to honor? 
keeping your word on your committment to a friend?
Your "energy" whatever that really means?
Has anyone ever reneged on their word to you?


P.S. If you or anyone you know does energy work and is a writer, or does energy work on writers, and would like to come and do a workshop here in Mexico, email me and let me know your fee and availability, june 14 - 19. 


L. Diane Wolfe said...

Tell her you can plan it, but you'll need her to speak on that one topic and supply you with all her connections. You can do it, Leigh. Check with other writers who have put together retreats.

Anne Gallagher said...

Yes, I've had that happen to me in various work life situations. You just have to regroup. See if you can get someone else to do it -- not even necessarily as a writer, but just as an "energy" expert. If that doesn't pan out, then find another "fun, exciting thing" to do instead. Yoga? Massage? Creative mapping? If that doesn't work, the only other thing you can do is explain to the attendees that the energy expert canceled. People do understand these things happen. Don't sweat it. I'm sure the attendees will just be thrilled to be there with you. I know I would be.

Crystal Collier said...

Yeah, I'm with Diane. I wouldn't let her out of it. I don't care what her energy says, there's a point where you've made a commitment (money and other people involved), and you need to follow through. Hey, if she wants to refund you the cost and send the emails to cancel, I say tell her to go for it.

Shannon Lawrence said...

I'd definitely honor my commitment to a friend over something about "energy," but I wonder if that's just the face she's putting on it. I hope you find someone to do the energy work, but if you don't, can you change the direction of the retreat to exclude energy work?

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