Friday, September 3, 2010


No, I don’t have MRSA
Thank the Lord!
But someone near to me does.
And when I went to the hospital to visit…
I felt so bad…
Because though I’m near to this person…
I couldn’t get near.
Perhaps I’m germaphobic…
Perhaps I’m paranoid…
Perhaps if a Hazmat suit was available…
I’d have gotten nearer.
But the best I could do was don gown, mask, and gloves…
And stand at the door and shout.
“It’s OK,” a nurse said. You can go in there.”
“I’m fine thanks.”
“And you don’t need the mask.”
“Thanks, I’ll keep it on the just the same.”
“Staph is everywhere, did you know that?” the nurse asked.
Don’t tell me that! I’m a writer! Lethal scenarios always play in my head!
I wanted to shout.
But I didn’t. 
All I said was, “Oh?”
“This MRSA is in their blood, so unless you have an open wound, you’re fine.”
No, not OK!
On the way home I picked a bump on my chin and…
I don’t know the exact definition of a medical thriller…
But it surely has to include the terror I experienced…
Until I got home and Googled MRSA
And found that I’d have to be in contact with the near person’s blood.
I think.
I hope.
I’m not sure!
Because how did the near person get it?
So for the sake of my sanity…
And my skin…
(Having doused my chin and hands with peroxide & alcohol
though I did stop at using straight bleach)
I don’t think I can take visiting the near person anymore
While I have an open bump/wound.
I’m just thankful there are healthcare professionals
Who aren’t…

Always, Em-Musing


Matthew Rush said...

MRSA is very scary. I thought it was worse than Staph? Is that wrong?

Today's guest blogger is Emilia Plater!

Em-Musing said...

It is staph, but a virulent version. But that sounds too nice. It's a killer staph. The only staph worse than MRSA is the flesh eating kind. I'm NOT kidding.

Jen said...

Wow that's awful, how scary!!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts though.

Jill Kemerer said...

There was a MRSA outbreak a few years ago where we lived. It terrified me! Keep that gas mask! Hope everything goes well for your close one.