Wednesday, December 16, 2015


A love/hate relationship for me. 
Love them for all that they do
Hate all the hoops I have to jump through
Every time I buy a device, computer or software.
Technology is going faster…
Then what I want to keep up with.
Thank goodness for my 24-year-old nephew
Because when I have an electronic dilemma 
I run to him 
Waaa! Waaa! Waaa! Waaaaaaaaaa!
He’s polite enough not to show it…
But I can feel  his smuggness.
You might be thinking 
Aw, Leigh, that’s not nice to say.”
But you know what I mean, don’t you?
It's that
"I'm younger and smarter electronically than you," syndrome.
My nephew is entering an on-line contest…
Where he has to put together…
A Youtube-looking video
And he asked me for ideas
So I showed him a video
That my 12-year-old granddaughter produced 
Using the Video Star app.
He wasn’t too impressed…
He came back a while later and said…

"Wow, this is good! 
She got the edits down precisely.
Every move is synched with the music.
I downloaded the Video Star app
But can't figure out how she did it.

The gloating was rising in my throat
Faster than a frat house beer belch
And I couldn’t wait to say…
“Why don’t you call and ask her?”

A 24-year-old…
Asking a 12-year-old…
For advice!
Now that's poetic justice, no?
What about you?
Ever need a young person 
To help you with electronics? 


Monday, December 14, 2015


Ever wonder where your ideas come from…
Especially we writers?
I have a clue to my latest creation. 
Literary agent, Janet Reid, aka the Query Shark…
From Fineprint literary…
Has a contest every Friday…
She gives you 5 buzz words…
And you have to write a story in 100 words or less.
Last week’s words were, trail, cob, robo, bark, vet.
My brain went numb - nada.
On Friday…
I went to the movies and saw…
Secret In Their Eyes
It was OK, moved a bit too slow for me…
However, Nicole Kidman had a fantastic scene
As did Julia Roberts
And the ending was creepy cool.
It’s a police story with the oh-so-over-used scenario…
Rogue detective vs smug, angry superior.  
So Saturday morning I woke up and…
An idea!
This is what I wrote (don’t laugh)
It's a Mickey Spillane kinda story.
             Lieutenant Morrison banged his fist on the desk, coffee cup spilling muddy brew. “Damn it, Cob,” he barked at his new detective, “how could you lose him?”
“Trail went cold. Snitch booked.”
“Speaking of booked,” the redhead smirked, her purple-glossed lips smearing across her flawless China-doll face as she sashayed her bodacious booty into the room full of testosterone, “I got him. Getting processed now.”
“I’d like to vet her in bed,” Cob sniggered to his partner.
         “Don’t waste your sweat. She’s vice. You’d think she’d be hot in the sack, but she ain’t. More like a robot.
Um, yeah…
No mystery where that came from…
But I didn’t see the connection…
Until after I posted it on Janet's blog.
Why is it that I always see stupid mistakes…
Or a not-fleshed-out story
Until after I hit send. 
How about you?
Do you know where your ideas come from?
And ever send out a cheesy story to an agent?



Friday, December 11, 2015


This morning…
With fingers poised over my keyboard…
And an idea in my head…
For my blog post today…
I turn on my computer…
Why is my desktop picture changed?
I go to click on my blog icon on my desktop…
Where is it?
Where are ALL my icons?
 ** breathing faster **
I go to click on WORD…
My recently re-download WORD…
Because my other computer crashed.
** breathing accelerates **
I click to check my email files…
All my email files – GONE!
** hyperventilating **
I go to find my recovered files from Carbonite…
** tears * wailing * sobbing **
An inner voice calmly says…
Take a deep breath
Remember yesterday?
Your nephew used your computer?
Did he sign in under guest?
I have no idea.
Shut down your computer, then start it up.
15 seconds go by 
The longest seconds of my life.
Computer boots up…
Apple tune plays…
Two graphics pop up…
With shaky finger, I click on USER and…
Desktop, Icons, deck, files - All there!
** breathing returning to normal **
My computer was intact
And my sanity
Because for a few brief moments…
I felt like I was slipping over the edge.
But you didn't. You can relax now.
It's too early for wine 
But chocolate will work. 
Go ahead. Indulge. You earned it.
How’s your morning going?
Ever experience anything like this? 



Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Mmm! You smell divine!
I love having you in bed at night…
With a glass of wine…
Exploring your mysteries within.
I love waking up with you and a cup of coffee.
Anticipating a few stolen moments…
On a busy afternoon.
Or a quickie in a park.
And when you’re really, really good…
I like sharing you with my friends!
BOOKS, people! BOOKS!
I’m talking about reading a real book…
Versus reading e-books.
Yeah, yeah, I know…
e-books are convenient…
And I have tried, really I have…
But my eyes need a rest from digital images.
But more…
Reading an e-book versus a real book…
To me is like getting…
Digital images of flowers …
Versus getting real live flowers…
That you can touch, feel, and smell.
I also find enjoyment
looking at the books on my shelf...
With their colors, fonts, images, and graphics.
Most of the e-books I've downloaded
Have been forgotten somewhere in cyberspace. 
How about you?
What’s your preference?
And why?