Wednesday, July 5, 2017


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Today’s optional question: What is one valuable lesson you’ve learned since you started writing?

What lesson have I learned? 
Everything takes longer than you think. Find patience.

"Patience is the greatest of all virtues"- Cato the Elder 234 BC-149 BC  

**years ago** 
Me:       My manuscript’s ready!
Patience: Not yet. Edit.
Me:       Did it. Now I’m ready.
Patience: Nope. Keep editing.
Me:       Did it. For sure, my manuscript is ready.
Patience: Not yet. Firm up the storyline.
Me:       OK, done, now can I query?
Patience: Flesh out the characters.
Me:       OK, did it. I have to be ready now, no?
Patience: Not even close. Find a beta reader.
Me:       OK did that too. I’m ready to query.
Patience: You need to research agents. Personalize each one.
Me:       EH! This is taking too long!! I want to query now!
Patience: Your query isn't ready. It can’t be over 300 words.
Me:       Seriously?
Patience: Cut, revise, tighten. Have someone read your query.
Me:       I’ve written a whole manuscript! Why can’t I write a query?!
Patience: Just do it!
Me:       Phew! Done! Finite! Now am I ready?
Patience: Yes. Let the querying begin!
Me:       Hey Cato! Maybe patience was a virtue to you...
           But to me...
           Patience is a royal pain in the patootie! (with benefits)

How 'bout you? Got patience?