Thursday, January 28, 2016


I live in a part of the world
Where spirituality is everywhere
Or perhaps I should say
Spiritually-minded people are everywhere.
I like this kind of thinking
We of this mindset
See the world more peaceful
Everything happens for a reason
Something  is neither good nor bad, only
 “It is what it's supposed to be”
And I get it
For the most part
But there are times when I must draw a line
Like a couple of months ago
I was traveling with a friend in my car
When all of a sudden

Damn it! It’s my brakes - again!
I hate this car!  Waa waa waaaaaaaaaaa!

“Don’t be so hard on your car," my friend said 
"It’s taken you many places 
Perhaps you need to learn something from this.”

Learn something? Are you frickin’ kidding me?
There's only one thing I've learned
And that's this car is a piece of crap!
There’s nothing spiritual about this
Is what I wanted to say
But he was dead serious
And I kept quite.  

Well, two days ago
Are you frickin' kidding me? Again?
So yesterday
A fourth trip to fix my brakes  
Ah, but this time to a new mechanic

“Whoever worked on your brakes before
Didn’t lube the calipers and brake pads
Yada, yada, yada," the mechanic said. "The brake
pads are worn and you need new ones."
(thank goodness my nephew speaks Spanish because
I have no clue how to say calipers in Spanish)

What am I supposed to take away from this experience?
What spiritual lesson do I need to learn
From three crappy brake jobs
By three crappy mechanics?  
Perhaps to keep going, searching, and finding?
Until I get the best?
And if that is the lesson I need to learn
I just hope the next lessons won't be as costly! 
What about you?
How much spirituality
Do you put into your day’s/life's events? 
And do you find lessons in everything? 


Monday, January 25, 2016


What’s with all the forbidden messages
On the Internet?
The other day
I clicked on a website and got this
FORBIDDEN: You don't have permission to access!
I felt like I was standing in front of a door
A heavy wooden door with clunky metal hardware
And a little window
With a burly guy on the other side
Who snarls out the window
“You are forbidden to enter!”
Really? Forbidden? 
And then just yesterday
I clicked to follow someone on Twitter
And got this message: 
FORBIDDEN It looks like you've hit a following limit!
Jheeze Louise!
I just started posting on Twitter again
No way I’ve hit my limit.
And really
The messages could have just said
Access Denied. Not allowed or
Oops, no can do
And then this morning
Another FORBIDDEN message from Twitter 
With a link directing me to a page
With all the Twitter "no-no" behavior
Warning me not to do any of it.
Hey! I'm not that kind of gal!
But seriously
All this falderal 
Is why for Social Media, for me
Is a time-consuming royal pain in my
** sigh **
I know it’s necessary
And all published authors do it
So I’ll quit all the whining and
Just do it!  
How about you?
Love or hate social media?
** Blogging not included **
I LOVE to blog and follow.


P.S.  The Best Exotic Writer Retreat is moving forward! 
      More info and pics coming soon.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


As John Lennon wrote in one of his songs...
Another year over...
And a new one just begun...
For me...
This year begins with much excitement...

And anticipation...
I have several projects already in the works...
And literally on January first...
I found a beta reader for one of my manuscripts...
That I will get published this year...
With an Indie publishing house.
This manuscript is NA dark fantasy...
(not the current genre I write in)
And has been lingering in my computer...
For far too long. It’s time!
Tah, tah, tah DAH!!
 I, along with another published writer... 
Am opening...
Here on the Riviera Maya...
At a fabulous place called Taninah.
The web page is being designed now...
And I will post it as soon as it is finished.
It will be a retreat like no other...
OK, and yes, of course...
Some elements will be like other retreats...
But this retreat will focus on...
Well, I’ll let the web page explain more later.
And of course, I will bring in an agent...
Publisher, or editor plus other guest speakers. 
would love your input...
If you were attending a writer retreat...
What would you expect for your investment?
How many days would be good for you?
Have you ever attended a writer retreat?
What was your experience?
And last but not least...
Are YOU or do you know of any... 
Guest speakers, agents, or editors?