Friday, September 17, 2010


I’m paralyzed
Can only move my fingers and eyes
As I watch the spider on the ceiling
Do laps overhead.
WHAT does it WANT here in my office?
And why is it finding my office a place it wants to be?
Doesn’t know I’ll WHAP it if it comes any closer?
I can’t concentrate with my head constantly looking up.
“If you come any closer, I’ll KILL you!” I want scream. 
But it’s 4:46 in the morning…
I don’t want to terrorize the neighbors and have them call 911.
Dear God!
Now it’s  practicing dropping down on it’s web
Up, down, up, down
That’s it! I need a weapon!
Armed with a shoe…
Standing statue still…
Watching the damn thing crawl in a pattern…
Round and round…
I figure I’ll have to kill it sooner…
Rather than later if I’m going to get any work done.
But how?
I’m not willing to do a balancing act on a chair…
Not as clumsy as I am.
I don’t have any bug spray–
Ah HA!
Now, armed with my hairspray…
I aim it at the spider on the ceiling–
It’s on the floor, camouflaged by the hardwood…
If I don’t find it…
I’ll never work in here again!
On the leg of my desk–
And sorry
For yet another spider story…
But THIS is what’s been on my mind
And ceiling
This morning.
Onward to sending out more queries.

Always, Em-Musing


Jennifer Shirk said...

eeep! I can all sqeamish just thinking about spiders.

T. Anne said...

LOL. I hate spiders. Good luck on the queries Em!

Erin MacPherson said...

Ewww... spiders. ICK. How are the queries going?! I have a good feeling about you... your poetry is so funny!

Anonymous said...

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