Thursday, March 31, 2011


While thoroughly enjoying
Cleaning my oven door yesterday morning.
I came to realize that certain words
Should never be paired together.
You may think, why? No big deal. They’re only words.
Well, before I share what those words are…
I’ll share with you some of my past cleaning behavior:
I’ve been known to multi-task while on the pot…
Wanted to write a book...
On the many uses of used Bounty paper towels…
Anxiously waited for things to get dirty so I could clean them again…
Well, the list is endless—and so is dirt—yeah!
Anyway, while scraping the grease-caked oven slats with a knife…
I realized that cleaning people don’t really clean deep down
Like I do…
And that’s why I never hired a cleaning person…
(OK, I did once, but as you guessed, she didn’t clean to my expectations)
And that’s why the term “anal retentive” applies to me.
Playing around with the idea that I’d make a perfect cleaning lady…
(not that I’m going to pursue that)
I thought of the perfect slogan for my new company: Anal Cleaning
But see? Those two words should never be put together.
I’m happy to share that I’m not a clean freak anymore.
Now that I’ve been living on my own, that deep down urge has gone away.
Sure, I still clean…
(And the oven cleaning only came about because the sun shone brightly)
But now I pursue things that truly satisfy me deep down
And that is—writing.
Anything satisfy you deep down?

Always, Em-Musing


Anne Gallagher said...


And only because the sun shone brightly.

I see we clean the same way. It's been raining here for a week. I bet you know what my house looks like. It's supposed to be nice tomorrow. Guess what I'll be doing.

Justine Dell said...


I would pay to see on the side of a van! HAHAHA!!! #epicnamefail


Sorry, can't stop laughing!!