Friday, April 1, 2011


“Grandma? What are we going to do today?”
“Want to see the mummy?”
It’s spring break and I’ve been on grandma duty this week.
“Where is the mummy?” he asked, eyes wide.
“In the museum.”
Maybe to most kids, a mummy wouldn’t strike fear…
But I used to tell him scary stories about mummies…
Though I don’t believe he believed mummies existed.
After paying our admittance to the new Egyptian exhibit...
I noticed he got hesititant. “Where is the mummy?”  
“Just around the corner,” I said as we passed a wall of hieroglyphics.
“There. In that glass case.”
He abruptly stopped.
“He’s dead. He can’t hurt you,” I said pushing him up see.
That’s the mummy?
“Uh huh. So? What do you think?”
“Disgusting!” he said smiling, his body relaxing.
“Not what you expected, huh?”
After that we walked through the “negative confession” exhibit…
That explained how the Egyptians...
Using prayers from the Book of the Dead
Told the forty-two gods what they hadn’t done wrong.
Negative confession? Hmm? A very different perspective.
On the way home I got to thinking about my querying process.
I’ve blathered on and about what I have done so far…
But not about what haven’t I done?
Seems I have a long list of my own negative confessions to make.
What about you and your journey to get published?
Is your “haven’t done” list as long as mine?
Or am I the only sinner?

Always, Em-Musing

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Jennifer Shirk said...

Ha! That's interesting: what they haven't done wrong. :-)
Yeah, I have a long haven't done list too.

Linda N.J. Szymanski said...

Interesting concept- not what I have done wrong, but what I haven't done... hmmmm skydiving, kissing under water, driving over 150 mph, go to Russia, Prague and South Africa... I think I like the Egyptians... much more fun thinking about what I haven't done... my done list is too long! Good Question! Thanks!