Friday, April 15, 2011


Do you believe in fate?
“Mercury is in retrograde,” a friend announced last week.
She went on to explain why that was important to know.
“Don’t sign contracts, engage in making important decisions.”
Well that’s just ducky…I signed three contracts in the past week.
(non of which was with a literary agent of course)
“Cars, computers and other electronics easily break down."
Hmm? My TV went out and my ozonator.
“Miscommunication is a big problem now.”
Huh! I have had some miscommunications recently.
Well, the Scorpio in me had to investigate this retrograde phenomenon.
And so I Googled…
Seems all my friend said was true (damn)…
And Mercury will be retrograde until the 23rd of April (damn)…
But as always…
There’s a flip side to all this negative heavenly body movement…
The purpose of Mercury retrograde is to review and revise our life
and our connection with reality. The timing of this universe is geared
 toward the Sun as it moves through the zodiac and is important in
the major adjustments as we move our efforts to organize, plan and
launch our innovative resourcefulness into new directions .
What will I concentrate on?
The negative or the positive aspects of Mercury?
Does how I think even matter?
Don’t I have any say-so in the universe?
Or is everything left up to the planets and stars?
Well, now that my Spiritual/Writer Retreat in Akumal is moving forward…
I'm choosing to align my thoughts and efforts...
And look beyond Mercury's path to the brighter aspects of the sun.
(but I will do a "phew" when Mercury goes out of retrograde)
What about you?
Do you believe in astrology?
Has Mercury in retrograde affected you?

Always, Em-Musing


Justine Dell said...

I love your posts. ;-) I'm not a big fan of astrology. I don't read my horoscope. Maybe I would have a better outlook if I did? Hmm, or maybe not. LoL.

Have a great weekend!


Anne Gallagher said...

I believe in it all. Especially Mercury in retrograde. I hate the bloody little bugger.

I stopped reading my horoscope for just this particular reason.

And now I'm praying the agent who has my partial doesn't read it until after the 23rd.

M.J. Fifield said...

The horoscopes that appear in my town's local paper have a history of being dead on accurate. Now I'm a little afraid to not listen to it.

Talli Roland said...

I would like to believe I rule myself...

Jennifer Shirk said...

My mom is BIG on astrology.
But I like to think I have more free-will than that. :-)

Elena Solodow said...

I like to follow astrology but not the extent that I think it controls me or the things I should/shouldn't be doing at a certain time. Control-freak, what can I say? The cosmos can leave me alone!

isabelle gregson said...

Hi Em! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Really enjoying this entry. I feel that the real power comes from how we choose to act on those predictions, rather than the predictions themselves. And I don't favour Mercury or any other planet, I tend to address the Greater Universe at large... xx