Thursday, July 8, 2010


Trust me…
There are worse rejections…
Than a rejection letter.
(and all this week)
I’m babysitting for my 3 grandkids…
Plus one of their friends—Jack.
“Mom," my daughter said, "if you’re going to tell stories to the kids, don't tell scary ones. Jack gets nightmares.”
So there I was…
Surrounded by 2-six-year-olds and 2 seven year-olds…
Closing in on me.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
 “We’re bored!” they droned.
“Go back outside and play.”
“It’s too hot.”
They did have a point. It was 95 degrees.
And there’s only so much water you can force feed a child.
“Why can’t we watch TV?” they whimpered and whined.
“Because your brain will turn to mush.” I answered. “Maybe I can find some chores for you to do. Or maybe you guys need to take a nap.”
I thought surely that would send them scrambling to find something to do.
They stood there looking like four leaves of wilted lettuce.
“Ya know when I was your age I used to–“
“I know, Grandma! Tell us a story!” 
Suddenly, four limp kids found new energy and began jumping up and down.
“OK, sure. I can tell you a story."
We walked into the family room
They gathered around me
Their eyes were glowing.
Especially Jack's.
OK, there once was a fairy princess–”
“No, Grandma, that’s boring!'
Yeah, boring!  Tell us a mummy story!”
"Come on, Grandma, tell us about vampires or witches, or werewolves!"
Oh, I wanted to. I really did.
But I could imagine it's 2 A.M. and Jack waking up with nightmares about evil creatures or even the devil and my daughter's friend really upset with me.
And besides, I gave my word that I wouldn't.
And so I continued, "Now this fairy princess lived–"
"BORING GRANDMA!" "my three grandkids bellowed.
"But it's a good story!"
"Don't care! It's still boring!" 
And off they ran.
It's the first time they rejected one of my stories.
Guess my grandkids are proof of what they say
It doesn't matter if you've got a great story
If your first sentence isn't a grabber
Your audience goes bye bye.

Always, Em-Musing


Joanne said...

It's all about that hook! Cute story with a great lesson :)

T. Anne said...

True, true! Kids are always bored in the summer.
It's practically a requirement. ;)