Monday, July 12, 2010


After watching my grandkids last week
And hearing them beg me to tell them scary stories…
It got me wondering just what kind of story…
Would scare the bejeebers out of me?
Well, I have a writer friend who writes paranormal…
Below is an excerpt from something she wrote in an email just this weekend. 
don't know what I just did but the last half of my book and the final edits have been erased. I have no other version except the file without the last 40 hours of work.  I hit some button that gave me a tiny text box on the cursor then it deleted a ton of stuff and said 'too many corrections in this file. I hit undo and nothing happened. I am left with an excerpt of 1 paragraph from the last eight chapters. The rest of the rewrites, edits are gone. I sobbed and screamed hysterically then called the computer store. They might, I repeat might, be able to recover a previously backed up version.
There was only one thing I could to calm down after reading this frightening tale.
No, not booze
I finally quit procrastinating…
And subscribed.
Hope all of you have a backup plan too.

Always,  Em-Musing

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T. Anne said...

I back up my work regularly. Trust me I learned the hard way. There is no good excuse not to do this. great reminder.