Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The good news is…
I didn’t hurl yesterday.
(Yeesh! Is there any good way to describe this bodily function?)
The bad news was…
I felt like I was going to all day long…
Plus I had the chills and ached.
The good new is…
I used this quasi-sickness…
To get out of doing stuff all day long.
“Sorry, I can’t meet with you, I’ feel like I might vomi–”
“No, no! That’s OK . . . we’ll meet another time. Really!”
I also used it not to cook.
It’s amazing how creative you can be with crackers.
And actually smelling onions sautéing might have put me over the edge.
By mid-day…
Having allowed myself not to do my normal routine…
I realized—what was I? A kid?
I used to behave like this when I was ten.
“Mom, I’ve got a stomach ache. Can’t go to school today.”
It almost always worked.
So, at 3:00, I decided I should at least get some writing in for the day.
But when I sat down in front of my laptop…
Oh no! Something strange was happening!
Big white words kept scrolling on a pitch black screen.
And NOTHING I did could shut it down.
(Thank heavens I’m backed-up with Carbonite)
I anxiously called the computer geek store.
“Sounds like you have a corrupt driver.”
In a New York minute, I packed up and raced out the door.
“Look!” What’s going on?” I said to the young geek.
(I know, I know. His mamma wouldn’t like me calling him that)
He then pressed a button and my laptop instantly shut down.
“Well, I did try that,” I said emphatically. “Honestly, I did.”
He then rebooted my laptop and all drivers were working fine.
I left with laptop under my arms and my tail between my legs.
On the drive home it suddenly occurred to me…
My laptop actedjust like I did…
In “quasi” crash mode.
Hmm? Is the universe trying to make a point?
If soGOT IT!
So? Have you ever feigned being sick to get out of doing something?



Joanne said...

Thank the stars your computer is okay! It was worth any embarrassment just to walk out of there with healthy drivers ... Now, back to work!

Nicole Zoltack said...

I'm glad your laptop is ok. :) A writer's worst nightmare!

And yes, I've pretended to be sick to get out of things. It definitely was much more effective when I was younger.

T. Anne said...

I hope you back up your hard drive. I learned that lesson the hard way. Yes, computers, like people, aren't fail safe. ;) BTW, we've all had the fu at my house. Why, universe??? Why???

Anonymous said...

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