Thursday, March 10, 2016


My sister and her husband came for a visit
It was wonderful!  
While they were here
It rained a little, was cloudy some
But mostly, the sun shone
However, every day the same question
What’s the weather gonna be?
I don’t know,” I’d say, “look outside.
But they were bothered
Kept checking their weather aps.   
I told them
I live 23 miles south of Playa del Carmen
And 105 miles south of Cancun
So the weather between here and those places
Can be very different than what’s on your ap.
Relax, I said
You’re on vacation; enjoy being unplugged.
Our excursions included beaches & cenotes
Shopping, eating, and just major fun
Always though, when we came back home
On went the TV to a U.S. news channel  
Or the obsession with Facebook and emails.
Relax,I said
You’re on vacation; enjoy being unplugged.
And I had to keep redirecting the conversation
Away from U.S. politics.
And comparing the U.S. culture to here in Mexico.
This is not the U.S. I said
They do things differently
And it’s OK, it’s their country.
*  breathe  *  breathe * breathe *
I told myself.  
They’re new to paradise.
What about you?
Do you take your same mindset 
Wherever you go 
To a new or different place, setting, or country?
Or can you embrace the difference
And really unwind, relax and unplug
Not only your electronics
But your mind?




Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I've both lived in and traveled to many foreign countries. It's always more rewarding to adapt to the lifestyle.
And I have no problem unplugging when I travel.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

The weather question has me laughing because when we first moved to Chiapas I was constantly checking the weather, wishing it would get WARM. I didn't expect it to be so cold here. However, after a month I learned that unlike the Lake Atitlan region in Guatemala, Chiapas has seasons. I was not accustomed to seasons in Guatemala except for dry and rainy. Now I'm delighted to see things warming up. With no heat in the buildings, it can get pretty cold indoors during their "winter season." Nothing like Utah winters but still!

The obsession with WiFi and electronics even while on vacation is just sad.

Pearson Report said...

I have lived in a few places, but nothing exotic - I wish! But, unlike your sister and her husband I'm definitely unplugged - even at home.

I have a TV, but don't watch it except to view the odd movie. During my renovations I disconnected the cable and now it's literally a viewing screen.

When I visit my dad, about once a week, I'm forced to put up with the endless drone of "talk TV" in the background - now there's a plugged in person if ever I saw one. So sad.

But... what can you do - hopefully they enjoyed their visit to your beautiful area. I just nod and smile when stuff like this happens.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I never turn on the TV at home. Certainly not doing it while on vacation. I want to be out and about exploring.

alexia said...

I live in Florida, so I never trust the weather forecast!! I know what you mean, "just look outside!" I love to travel, and I'm very go with the flow and open-minded. Hope they eventually relaxed!

Misha Gericke said...

I like unplugging, and do try to adapt to life around me wherever I go. I find it cuts back a lot of stress.

Green Monkey said...

I don't own a TV and I don't miss it but I do unitize the internet often. I think I'm over Facebook. I do try to unplug when I'm away. I love audiobooks at night. I feel like a little girl being read a bedtime story.

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