Friday, October 7, 2016


I’m submitting again
Queries, synopses, sample pages
And with each submission my sense of
This is a great story
Goes flushing down the toilet of my insecurities
I see my manuscript swirling clockwise
Swooshing down into a cesspool
Of other dumped manuscripts.
And then
Like a Lincoln log that wouldn’t stay down
An idea popped up
What if
We writers had
A Writer-Buddy-Robot?
Think about it
All we’d have to do
Is pop in the USB flash drive of our current W.I.P.
Then Writer-buddy-Robot
Would content, line, and copy edit
Knowing when and where
To use the Oxford comma, for instance
Or when ellipses, n-dashes, and m-dashes are needed.
Or catch the overuse of certain words or adverbs
And you know we writers always have a few.
Would always be searching the Internet
For agents and publishers seeking your kind of story
And then prepare the submissions accordingly.
Need to brainstorm?
Writer-Buddy-Robot could do that too.
Also when you’re low
Would have inspirational thoughts and quotes
To boost your moral.
And then **sigh**  
If you get a rejection
Writer-Buddy-Robot would have arms to give you a hug.  
What do you think?
Want a Writer-Buddy-Robot?
What would your Writer-Buddy-Robot do for you?




Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I could use one of those!

Patsy said...

I'l take two!

menopausal mama said...

I'd LOVE to have a writer buddy robot!! By the way, sorry it took me so long to get over here---between the hurricane and then two birthday celebrations plus my upcoming trip this week, I've been swamped!

Deniz Bevan said...

When I'm on a drafting a new story high, mine would bring me endless cafe au laits...
And then later, when I'd set the story aside and was procrastinating every day, my robot would kick me until I sat down and started editing!

Em-Musing said...

Thanks for all the comments especially those who had to fare the hurricane. Denis, after reading and smiling about your comment, I think my writer-buddy-robot would have a taser so I couldn't procrastinate.