Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I’m watching the Winter Olympics.
Isn’t everyone?
Well, I guess not.
Even I don’t’ sit there glued.
At best I catch highlights.
And if I’m lucky (and don’t fall asleep)…
I’ll actually see some figure skating.
Recently, I read an interesting article on the Internet about some of the athletes. 

“On Saturday night during the finals of the ladies' moguls, as American Shannon Bahrke pistoned her legs down the trail, the announcer noted blithely that she has had six knee surgeries. Six. Is that all? On Sunday night J.R. Celski re-told the tale, which NBC had noted a night earlier, of how he filleted his left thigh at September's team trials and needed 60 stitches to close it. And how close he came to severing his femoral artery, in which case "I would have bled out (i.e., died) in 10 seconds. Also on Sunday night, Sandra Bezic figure-skating analyst, remarked as an aside that Canadian Jessica Dube had needed 83 stitches to close a laceration in her cheek from partner Bryce Davison's skate."

These daring athletes pushed themselves to the limit despite horrendous injuries to their body.
And after overcoming their injuries, went on to win Olympic medals!
How can I possible moan and whimper like a baby…
When I get a rejection letter from a literary agent?
While my ego takes a hit . . .
At least there's no blood involved.

Always, Em-Musing


Linda N.J. Szymanski said...

I think every sport, every career, if you will, has its dangers and risks... some physical, some mental- all personal. Rejection is just as painful- as a pulled rotator cuff - and takes just as much courage to get back in the game and to try again! You go girl! :)

Em-Musing said...

Thanks :)