Monday, March 8, 2010


I stayed up and watched the Oscars till it was over.
Way past my bedtime.
Was it worth it?
I really wanted Meryl Streep to win.
Oh Boo hoo!
I thought the gowns this year were all gorgeous.
However, they didn’t make up for lackluster duo of Martin and Baldwin.
Can we have Billy Crystal again? Please?
And even though you know the accepters were told to “keep it short”…
The whole event was long. Very long.
Did the event need that last dance performance?
I couldn’t find the relevance of including it. Especially so late in the evening.
But a couple of things made the Oscars relevant to me.
First, my niece…
She is a make-up artist in Hollywood.
And she was there!
Yeah niecey!
And second, I imagined me getting an Oscar.
Don’t laugh. It could happen.
I’m working on a screenplay that I, and the producers hope to submit in the short film category one day.
Soon! Please! Before more wrinkles hit me!
Currently, I’m still working on the edits, but that’s OK. I’m inspired now.
Especially after hearing the voiceover talent read from actual screenplays.
If you have ever written a screenplay, then you know how very different it is than writing novels.
And while I can imagine seeing my published book in bookstores one day …
It’s not same as winning an Oscar and…
Wearing a gorgeous gown!
I wonder “who” I will wear?
And I wonder, would it ever be appropriate to wear my gorgeous gown to a book signing?
Have to get some use out of it, no?

Always, Em-Musing

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