Thursday, March 4, 2010


 I love the color yellow.
Just not when it’s coming out of my grandson’s nose.
And I love the color pink.
Just not when it’s describing his left eye.
“Mom! The baby’s sick! Can you come over and watch him today?”
There went my plans for meeting with my writer group friends for coffee.
(Not to mention sending out more query letters to agents)
Oh well, guess that’s what stay-at-home grandma/writers are for.
And I really don’t mind but …
I have fear!
Other than that never-ending cold I got on the plane from LA back in November …
I’ve managed to avoid, prevent, and steer clear of …
Getting sick.
But my grandson is 17 months old.
And his sticky, snotty little infectious hands touch everything!
Including my mouth!
Oh, well, I guess that’s what hand sanitizer is for.
And he always manages to cough …
Right in my face!
(does hand sanitizer work on faces?)
But the good news is …
I brought my laptop over to my daughter’s house and I can--
Snotty toddler approaching!
Forget the sanitizer!
Save the laptop!

Always, Em-Musing


Sloan Parker said... the laptop, yes!! And please don't get the hand sanitizer in your mouth.

I hope you don't get sick and can get back to your queries soon. Good luck!!


Em-Musing said...

thanks :)