Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Maybe it’s just me…
But as I got into my SUV yesterday…
I was struck with the thought…
That modern technology should make our lives easier.
Not crazier!
Last week I managed to change all the clocks in my life one hour forward…
All except this one in my SUV.
Why does this one have to be so difficult to figure out?
I love clocks that all you have to do is turn a button on the back.
I love clocks on coffee makers that you push just one button to change the number.
I love my alarm/radio clock that clearly says–Time–Hours–Minutes…
So you know exactly which button to press.  
I love watches that all you have to do is pull out that little thingy and twist.
But the clock in my SUV?
Who made it so impossible to figure out?
And why?
I should be able to look at the instrument panel and easily see how to change the time.
I shouldn’t have to pull out the manual to do this.
Yes, I should be able to pull out of my memory how I did it the last time.
But I can’t.
I loved the clocks that were in other vehicles I've had…
When the hardest thing to figure out was finding a pen to push the little indentation under H and M.
And of course, last week driving around…
I’d glance at the clock and think, Boy, time is going by slowly and maybe I could go–
It’s an hour later than I thought!
And then I’d swear that just as soon as I got home..
I’d figure out how to change the clock!
But just as soon as I got home…
Whoosh! Gone!
So then the next time I got in the car…
The clock! Still not changed!
I swear!
I need to change the clock while I’m in the car.
Where is a railroad crossing with a slow-as-molasses train creeping by?
Or construction on the highway with traffic backed up for miles?
Or a long line at the drive-thru window at the bank?
Or my brain…
When I need it?

Always, Em-Musing


Elana Johnson said...

Mine is so easy. There's an hour button and I pushed it once and my clock was right. But I so hear you. Every time I sign up for something, I think, "Well, I'll never figure out how to log in again."

Em-Musing said...

too many gadgets/too little patience (or brains)