Friday, March 12, 2010


Yesterday the imps followed me.
Thankfully, I made it to coffee with my writer friends.
And while I was with them, they put some good mojo on two query letters that I had in my purse.
What followed was nothing short of crazy.
No, nothing with the query letters.
I mailed them just fine.
But the rest of the day...
That's when the crazies (or imps) hit.
The bank lost my driver’s license…
While I was standing there!
Just vanished into thin air.
Or into someone else’s transaction.
Like in the plastic tube/capsule that shoots over to someone’s car...
I'm thinking it was because the teller was multi-tasking with my transaction and two others.
Thankfully, I had time (barely) to get another one.
I’m traveling by plane today and absolutely have to have it.
And just when I thought the crazies were over…
I came home last night wanting to email yesterday’s blog to my friends and contacts when–
All my AOL contacts were GONE!
Couldn’t find them.
I did everything I could think of to get them back.
But they were gone.
Frustrated, angry, thinking I was losing my mind…
I just shut the computer down...
Drank a Dox Equis beer ...
And went to bed.
(obviously not worrying about the calories)
Thankfully, this morning ...
My contacts are back.
The imps are gone.
I’m packing up the laptop…
And heading to Florida for a long weekend!
Hope there are no imps down there.

Always, Em-Musing

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Sloan Parker said...

Oh my. What a day. Glad the queries got sent off okay, but the rest...I can't believe the bank lost your license. How crazy. I hope you have a relaxing time on your trip and have safe travels!!!