Wednesday, March 17, 2010


You would think sitting on my arse for five hours…
Stuck in an airport would be…
But it was OK.
Actually it was more than OK.
I had my laptop with me!
And praise the powers that be there was free WiFi!
Woo Hooo!
So, with laptop on lap…
And an available plug by the large window with the sun streaming in I–
Noticed cat hair on my keyboard!
And so I cleaned my keyboard.
And then the screen.
And then (with a Starbucks iced coffee nearby I...
Skyped a friend and talked for awhile.
Checked Facebook and caught up with my friends and family.
Read current and past blogs from agents and fellow writers who I follow.
Cleaned the junk mail from my email.
Responded to emails that I needed to.
Sent an email news release of an upcoming MVRWA book lovers event.
Read all the entertaining emails that I had saved for months because I never had the time to read them.
Got a–
Rejection email from an agent I had queried a couple of weeks ago.
Right there while I was sitting in the airport.
And a form rejection no less.
Oh well.
At least this agent read my query and responded back.
And I know my query isn’t floating somewhere in the vast unknown of the Internet, lost, forgotten, or overlooked.
So, after a few days of heaven down in sunny FLA
I’m back in Toledo today.
Back to sending out more query letters.
And back to probably more rejec–
I’m going to think positive.
Because the sun is shining here in Toledo this morning...
My laptop is clean (literally)...
And there will be an agent who responds to my query and...
Thinks my manuscript is AWESOME!

Always, Em-Musing


Anonymous said...

This is great, Em! I thought you were going to say you had planned to use the time to WRITE or REVISE and, instead, got distracted by all the other fun, interesting things that can be done with a computer with access to the internet. (That's what usually happens with me!). But the musing took a different turn. Good for you for remaining positive in the face of an agent rejection. Not easy to do, but you know it's all part of the process. Patrice

Em-Musing said...

Yes, a process. And I process a lot! :)

Elana Johnson said...

Yay for a clean laptop! And yes, someone will love your MS!

Em-Musing said...

:) Thanks

Sloan Parker said...

Way to stay positive in the face of a rejection!! Go, Em!! I just know the right agent is out there for you.