Friday, April 16, 2010


As I packed last night for my 2-day trip to Philly…
To attend my cousin’s 60th birthday party…
I pulled out my nesting Samsonite luggage…
Smallest one too small.
It's not much bigger than my purse.
I then thought the middle sized one would be perfect.
But as I was putting my stuff in there…
I realized
In order for all my creams, lotions, sprays, brushes, and rollers to fit 
I'd have to downsize
All the jars and bottles.
That’s when I pulled out big bertha.
I want to travel happy…
I want all my personal item comfort with me.
And besides
Who cares how big the luggage is?
It’s got wheels.
I figure…
When you buy luggage…
The outside dimension is in compliance with airline regulations. 
And when you pack
You have to be conscientious of weight restriction
But but as far as I know
There is no volume restriction.

Always, Em-Musing