Thursday, April 8, 2010


Woke up this morning with a few thoughts.
One was for a new blog post.
Problem is I forgot it.
Did that the other night too.
Woke up several times.
And each time I thought, That’d be great to put in my blog.
Of course, I woke up and nada.
Whatever was there had flown the coup.
Of course I’ve heard to keep a pad by the bed…
So when I have thoughts or dreams I want to remember…
I can write them down.
Well, yes I could.
But wouldn’t I have to turn the light on?
And wouldn’t I have to really wake up all the way to write legibly?
And then would I be able to go back to sleep again?
I’d just like to know where these great ideas go.
What part of my brain is the keeper of these ideas?
And what are they doing in my brain anyway?
Hanging around in a brain closet?
Stored in a brain file cabinet? 
Why can’t I access them when I want to?
Are there mediums or psychics who can channel lost thoughts?
Well, I suppose that’s what hypnosis is for.
But these ideas aren’t suppressed memories…
They’re just creative tidbits, nibbles, and nuggets…
Little gems that have no bigger purpose then to be used in a blog.
I'd love to be able to access them...
On days when I struggle…
For a blog posting.
Oh, and the other thought I had…
Was on blogging in general.
Lately, I’ve been reading on other people's blogs...
About appropriate blog content, appearance, purpose, etc.
I have a few thoughts about that too.
And I’ll post them tomorrow.
That is...
If I can remember them tomorrow.

Always, Em-Musing 

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