Thursday, April 15, 2010


Writers aren't unique in feeling emotions.
Everyone has them.
We're just unique in that we can channel our emotions …
Into developing characters in the stories we write.
Last week I watched my three grandchildren.
My oldest granddaughter is seven.
A difficult child to say the least.
Has been since birth.
All week my patience struggled keeping my anger in check.
As I was leaving that last day, a different emotion erupted—from her.
Wrapping her arms around me, my granddaughter clung to me… 
“Grandma! Don’t go! Please don’t go!”
Her reaction surprised me because our time together had been challenging.
Of course I eventually had to leave.
On the way home, Enya's song, "The Wild Child" came to mind …
And I cried.
I’m sure Enya’s song isn’t about a wild child per se…
But rather the wild child within us all.
Doesn't matter…
It affected me just the same.
And one day I'll channel these tears and emotions into a character…
That will have the essence of my granddaughter—the wild child.
Here’s the link to Enya's, "Wild Child." Hope you enjoy.

(And hope this link works)

Always, Em-Musing

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