Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Since I’m now a woman ‘alone’…
All of my female friends ask…
“So? Will there be a new man in your life?”
“Well, not now obviously. It’s too soon. Maybe one day.”
And then almost all of my friends say…
“If it was me, at our age, I wouldn’t. Too much trouble.”
Trouble? Yes, men can be a handful…
But I love men and their different take on things.
Like their idea of wall art.
Man:   “Look what I got! A free calendar!”
Me:    “Oh? From the Chinese take out place? Uh huh.”
Man:   “Where should we put it?
Me:    “You mean like put it on a wall?”
           How ‘bout in the garbage
Man:  “I was thinking it would like nice in your office.”
Me:    “Uh, no. I have several calendars already.
         My office? You’re teasing right?!
Man:  “OK, how about in the family room?”
Me:    **staring in disbelief**
Man:   “You know, next to that other picture.”
Me:    “Well, that other picture is worth a lot…
         We got it at a gallery, remember?”
Man:   “But I like this calendar. And it was free!”
Well, the calendar did go up, but in his area…
Where he could admire it all day long.
But remembering that calendar, I wonder…
Is anything that’s free...
No matter how ugly—a prize to guys?
If you’re a guy, Please weigh in.
Ladies? Has your guy ever brought home ugly free stuff?
But truthfully?
If free ugly stuff is the worst a guy brings to a relationship…
I’ll take it.

Always, Em-Musing


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Not this guy! My wife is more likely to bring home ugly free stuff than me.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

My husband would never allow anything ugly in our house. If he thinks it's questionable, it goes in my office. Free doesn't excite him like it does me, but then he came from a well-off family and never had to think about things like that.

Adam said...

My mom has been widowed for almost 20 years now, and never remarried. She dated a good bit for the first ten years but most of those guys were idiots

farawayeyes said...

I agree with you on several accounts. 1. I like men (better than women actually). They are a bother but being alone ain't so great either.

2. Free stuff looks better to men than women. No matter what your circumstances they can't seem to get over that breadwinner stuff and free is...well free.

3 Finally, it's important that everybody have their own space for free stuff and everything else.

Jennifer Shirk said...

HA! Reminds me of that movie A Christmas Story when the dad wins that awful lamp but is so proud of it because he won it. LOL

Michael Offutt, Kaiju Smack Down Artist said...

There's no accounting for taste. You either have it, or you don't. I don't think that the line can be drawn at sexes though. I know plenty of women who have no taste at all.