Friday, November 13, 2015


Helloooooooooo again!
I'm back from having traveled across Mexico…
But that was back in mid-September
And now it is mid-November
What happened during those two months?
Was I lost? Kidnapped? Disinterested?
I was plunged into electronic hell!
First, Blogger wouldn't let me post
Claiming they were making necessary security changes.
Then my Internet blinked on/mostly off — for weeks!
Then my MAC — fried! 
(a combo of overheating and corrosion)
So I bought a new MAC Air…
And immediately connected to Carbonite…
But it took a week to download my files
Which caused me to have a meltdown
Twenty years of writing — GONE!
So I queried the Universe…
Were my planets not aligned?
Did bad Karma strike me? 
Did my literary magnetic poles flip?
And then yesterday
With my electronics and sanity restored…
I opened up Blogger with fingers crossed
And lo and behold
Blogger is back! I can post again!!!!
So this morning…
Even though a scorpion stung me…
I am ecstatic because…
1) I didn't get an allergic reaction! 
2) All my files are back and intact!
3) I’m posting again!
And now I'm beseeching the Universe…
To keep my computer, my Internet, and me…
In a harmonic electronic convergence!
Ever experience…
An unharmonic electronic convergence?
a.k.a. Electronic hell?

P.S. I just realised that today is Friday the 13th. I'm lighting a few candles and saying a few prayers for protection 


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Well, good thing you didn't have a reaction to the scorpion!
Sorry about all the difficulties. At least you were able to get all your files back. (Now, get an external hard drive and back those suckers up in the real world, not just the cloud!)
Welcome back, Leigh.

Adam said...

I don't like the sound of a scorpion

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Oh, what a mess. Happy to hear your files weren't lost.

I've never been stung by a scorpion. I bet it hurts, reaction or not.

Arlee Bird said...

Thank goodness everything is falling into place after some frantic situations. It all adds to your adventure with a happy ending to walk away with.

Arlee Bird
"Preso" -- Cristian Castro or Alek Syntek?
Tossing It Out

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