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                       late 1800’s – mid 1950’s

Hank Janson is both a fictional character and a pseudonym created by the English author Stephen Daniel Frances who died in 1989.

Hank Janson was the most popular and successful of British Pulp Fiction authors of the 1940s and 1950s. 

According to Colin Dunne, Hank Janson was the man who taught a generation about sex: His luridly salacious thrillers were every British schoolboy's guilty secret.

His books were violent "pseudo-American” thrillers sold in paperback editions featuring erotic cover art, and it is estimated that some five million copies were sold by 1954.

For the most part, Janson's books cover illustrations featured a dame, blouse ripped, skirt hitched up to her thighs, struggling sweetly against chains, often tied to a chair, wide-eyed in terror at something just out of sight.

For ten years he churned out one Pulp Fiction book a month, loaded with all the creamy breasts and glistening thighs a man could want — 300 altogether, with sales of more than 13 million. “I felt more like a factory than an author,” Janson said.

 Hank Janson was the man who taught a generation 
                                  about sex: His luridly salacious thrillers were
                                  every British schoolboy's guilty secret.- Colin Dunne

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Adam said...

I admit those covers are appealing, I can see why he was successful

Jemima Pett said...

300 books! Sigh.
The covers are art of their time, and therefore highly collectable now! Must write some with the men in chains...
Jemima Pett

sage said...

Wow, those were covers from the 50s... It would be interesting to learn about the artist, too.

i b arora said...

sex is great selling strategy, even now