Thursday, April 28, 2016


PULP FICTION late 1800s – mid 1950s

By the Mid 1950s, erotic novels started appearing in Pulp fiction, though not quite X-rated, they were racy for that time.

Florence Stonebraker ( 1896 -1977), was a prolific writer for pulp. For thirty years, beginning at the age of 41, she cranked out more than 80 novels of unsanctioned sex. Married or single, her characters were tempted by and often surrendered to their lustful desires.

Her most prolific year was 1952, in which she published eleven novels. 

Hank Janson was the most popular and successful of British pulp fiction authors of the 1940s and 1950s. His paperback editions featured erotic cover art and it is estimated that some five million copies were sold by 1954. 

Here are others (there are hundreds), but unfortunately not much bio on the authors.  







sage said...

11 novels with steaming sex written in one year by a woman well over 50... Wow!

The "Sinful Desires" cover looks like a model for the movie, "The Graduate"

Adam said...

That's some carnival

Kathleen Valentine said...

Goodness!!! That is a libido for the records!!!

Meet My Imaginary Friends

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

It's amazing that one writer could crank out eleven novels in one year. True, they weren't literary, but they must have had some kind of plot to them. It seems humorous, now, how excited everyone got over Fifty Shades of Gray. Stoneworker probably could have tossed off fifty shades of every shade of the rainbow (starring Mr. Blue, Mr. Green, etc.)

Thanks for a fun and informative series of posts. I haven't been able to visit every day because I'm immersed in a rewrite, but when I have scampered over here, it's been a good read.

Deniz Bevan said...

Flesh Agents, ewwww. Funny to think of people walking up to the counter to pay for these...

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