Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Was heading north up U.S. Route 23 to Trader Joe’s in Ann Arbor, about a forty-five minute drive.
I had to stock up on coffee.
I know—a long way for some java.
But in my defense, coffee is my one indulgence. For years, I’d been on the hunt to find the perfect blend—for my taste buds.
And then I discovered Trader Joe’s Bay Blend.
Ten minutes up the highway, I passed a billboard for Cabela’s, that humongous sporting and hunting store.
On the billboard was a photo of a deer looking almost seductively at the camera
Silly, I thought.
Then I remembered . . .
Oh, yeah. Hunting season.
I smiled thinking that the graphic designer of the billboard knew exactly how to get hunters excited.
And then I remembered all the billboards on interstate 75 for “gentlemen’s clubs” where young women look seductively at the camera.
Obviously, the graphic designers of those billboards knew exactly how to get men drivers excited.
Finally, I was at Trader Joe’s.
In the coffee section.
My head was swimming, my eyes dancing
There, before me were all the different coffees. French Roast, Moka Java, Organic Breakfast Blend,  Peaberry Blend, Safari Blend, Costa Rican Tarrazue, Sumatra, Kanai, Italian Roast, Fair Trade Five Country Expresso Blend . . .
And who knows how many more! 
Of course I put two large cans of Bay Blend into my shopping cart.
But couldn’t stop there.
I had to have at least one other different blend. Maybe two.
Not because I was looking for a new blend . . .
I was attracted to the artwork on all the cans.
And I know I’m not the only one who thinks like this.
One of my friends actually cut out the picture from the Trader Joe’s French Roast can, framed it and then hung it in her kitchen.
As I was checking out with three “new-to-me” coffee blends (and cans), it occurred to me . . .
Guess the graphic designers for Trader Joes’ coffee knew exactly how to get me excited.

Always,  Em-Musing

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