Monday, November 23, 2009


Some things are worth losing ZZZs over.
For me, it was last night’s AMA in LA.
I wasn’t so much amazed about the winners . . .
Because we all guessed that Michael Jackson was going to win BIG.
And, Taylor Swift? Of course she deserved it! And who could blame the poor girl from being thousands of miles away from Kanye West?
As I was amazed by the performances.
One right after another.
Janet Jackson, Shakira, Alicia Keys and Jay-Z, Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood, Mary J. Blige,  Rhinana, Jennifer Lopez and . . .
Whitney Houston!
Of course there were many others.
But these were my favorites.
And especially Alicia Keys when she sang “Empire State of Mind.”  
I’ve played the video clip of it over and over this morning.
But the another thing that amazed me?
Were all the thighs!
One performance after another.
Especially in Shakira’s performance of “Give It Up To Me.”
Dozens of dancers with thunderous thighs on the stage, up the aisles, and down the ropes . . .
Thighs seemed to be the theme.
The smallest thighs were Carrie Underwood’s.
Well, perhaps Lady Gaga’s too.
But then she was flaunting much more than her thighs. Ga-ga-ooh-la-la! What a shattering performance!
And I guess what I was really amazed and happy to see was  . . .
In an era of stars in Hollywood touting  thin, thinner, thinnest bodies . . .
Last night the singers were proud of their curvaceous, toned, and healthy bodies.
I (or "thigh") loved it!

Always, Em-Musing
P.S. I guess a few of the performances or costumes last night might be considered by some to be a bit over-the-top, or controversial. But as a viewer, I formed my own opionion. No one told me what to think. When I was doing research this morning for this post, I found something on Wikipedia that was totally offensive to me. This is reprinted exactly from Wikipedia:
Kings of Leon were an American rock band that formed in Nashville, Tennessee in 1999, consisting of inbred brothers Anthony "Caleb" Followill (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Ivan "Nathan" Followill (drums, percussion, backing vocals) and Michael "Jared" Followill (bass guitar, backing vocals), with their cousin Cameron "Matthew" Followill (lead guitar, backing vocals). The band's early music was an upbeat blend of shit and sad pathetic music for pricks southern rock and blues influences but the band has gradually expanded their sound to include a variety of genres, including alternative rock.
This is not fact. It's someone's opinion. Is it just me? Or is this totally offensive?


Sloan Parker said...

I didn't watch the AMAs, but I do hope we are getting away from the stick thin look.

And with Wikipedia, I find it's a good place to get keywords to continue on with more research, but I try never to use it at a source, especially not the ONLY source. When I see stuff like your quote, I'm glad I've followed that path.

Em-Musing said...

I was truly shocked. I will never trust what they say again.