Monday, August 19, 2013


I'm back from the States...
I had a GREAT time with family and friends.
While I was there...
I was involved with a situation:
Scenario :   Movie theatre 
Characters: 5 movie goers I will call MG’s
MG 1:  I was disappointed. It didn’t stick to the book.
MG 2:  I think they combined lots of books in the series.
MG 3:  I liked the effects, but I hated Clarisse.
MG 4:  It was scary and I liked my slushie.
MG 5:  The first movie was definitely better.
MG 1:   I wonder when the next movie will come out.
MG 3:  I wonder if they’re going to do a Red Pyramid 
MG 2:  And OMG! Percy is sooooo cute!
MG 5:  I think the Cyclops was cute.
          After he got his two eyes, that is.
MG 4:  I want another slushie.
I confess...
I was eavesdropping on...
Two ten-year-olds…
Two nine-year-olds…
And a four-year-old…
As they critiqued the same movie I had just seen.
Who were these movie going/movie reviewer kids?
My four grandkids and one of their friends.
And what were they were reviewing?
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.
It tickled me to hear them discuss elements of the movie.
But what I loved more?
The fact that they read…
And that they’ve read all of the Percy Jackson books.
These children have renewed my faith…
That reading books in print will never die.
Do you think print books will ever die?
Or what percentage will be print vs electronic?

Always, Em-Musing


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

It's always good when kids are reading. I do think eBooks will take over but there will always be plenty of readers.
Welcome back, Leigh!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Younger children still gravitate toward the print books. That will likely be the one area where they survive.

Green Monkey said...

yes, sadly, I think print books will one day be obsolete. I blame the need for trees :) I too love that they read and that they had such strong opinions. it's wonderful. don't you love being a grandmother!

Welcome home Leigh!

Crystal Collier said...

We just took the kids to that movie, and they loved it. My oldest and I sat back comparing the book to the movie the whole time, but it's pretty amazing when you can love both.

As long as my kids are around, print books for young readers are welcomed and necessary.

Linda Gray said...

I love hearing that! Especially when children are so tuned in to screens for everything. Nothing replaces that tactile experience of holding a physical book, in my opinion, and I fervently hope that print books never die. In more worried moments, stockpiling them for future generations doesn't seem like a bad idea, just in case. Then I feel like some bizarre version of Ayn Rand and think better of admitting this to anyone :-

Hart Johnson said...

HA! I totally need to go see this! This book series was the first my SON read and recommended to ME, so it holds a special spot for me. (I think he was 10 or 11).

And THANK YOU for being willing to read Flock of Ill Omens! If you want to email:, so I have YOUR email, we will be good to go!

The Desert Rocks said...

Print books will probably be expensive someday....Yes, that is so cool those kids are READING!! woohhoo!

Anne Gallagher said...

My daughter started off strong in the reading department and then fell off somewhere. I don't know if it has to do with the fact she's in school now and HAS to read or she's just not interested. Which is kind of killing me. I loved to read as a kid.