Monday, August 8, 2016


Five months ago
I gave up my 2 cups of coffee a day habit.
(for a medical treatment)
First week I experienced dull, thuddy headaches
Eh, not so bad.
But the caffeine withdrawal was a cakewalk
Compared to the emotional & mental withdrawal.  
My feelings were obviously unexplainable
To both family and friends.  
“Drink tea instead, some said.
Not the same! And besides, it also has caffeine.
Maybe it’s for the best, others said.
Best? For what possible reason? I countered.
Quit making such a fuss about this.  
You’re not getting it, people!
I didn’t just lose coffee
My writing has taken a nosedive!
My reason to get up at 4:30 is gone!
My sitting in the predawn hours
Drinking, thinking, thinking, drinking
And then to make it worse
I’d walk into my kitchen
Where my coffee maker
And French Press beckoned me
No taunted me!
We’ll brew you a nice cuppa
C’mon, one cup can’t hurt
Think of the simmering rich aroma
Of your favorite Havana blend
You know you want it
And I do, I do! Lordy I do!
And in two days
I will, I will! 
YAY! !  WOO HOOO! !  
Finally, I’ll be able to drink a cup of Joe again!

What about you?
Is coffee your elixir? 
If not 
What's in your cup when you write?




Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Do I sense an overdose of caffeine coming?
Not into coffee or tea. Mostly I drink water and one energy drink every morning.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Enjoy that cup of coffee!

I gave up chocolate 14 years ago and once I got past the first couple months, I didn't miss it.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

I don't drink coffee. When I turned 60 I started, but I don't like the taste except in Mexico. I'm a diet coke drinker and I limit those to two cans a day. Which I'm sure is two too many. My doctor says coffee won't hurt me, especially organic. There are no chemicals, obviously. He says coffee isn't bad for you unless there's a reason you're not suppose to drink it. Is there? I won't deter you from your quest, but I think a coffee a day is fine if it makes you happy. But I'm no doctor. Thanks for visiting IWSG today, Em.

Intangible Hearts said...

I don't think I'd last a day. Okay, well maybe one day under anesthesia. LOL

alexia said...

Coffee gives me acid reflux if I drink it every day, so I just drink it once a week or two, usually with Sunday brunch. It is pretty delicious, that's for sure :) Boring as it sounds, I usually just have water on hand when I write. Occasionally a glass of wine. I write at night, not mornings, though.

Beth said...

4:30? In the morning? Well there's your problem. Humans were never meant to be awake then.

I do understand. For me it's tea I have trouble living without. So in two days, I hope your first cup of coffee is the best ever. Enjoy.