Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hi, I’m Em…
I’m a wannabe published writer…
And I need to revisit my 12 Steps to a great manuscript…
So I don’t fall off the wagon of good writing.
  1.  Admit I am powerless over my ego and that my manuscripts sometime become unmanageable and suck.
2.  Come to know that my great and powerful mind alone cannot restore my manuscript.
  3.  Make a decision to turn my manuscript over to the care of others e.g. beta readers and critique partners.
  4.  Make a searching and fearless truthful inventory of my writing flaws.
  5.  Admit to my fellow writers and myself just exactly all the wrongs of my writing.
  6.  Be willing to hire an editor or someone other than myself to fix my manuscripts.
  7.  Humbly asked them to point out all its shortcomings.
  8.  Make a list of all characters and plots that had been harmed, and be willing to revise.
  9.  Make direct amends to such chapters except when it would injure the story.
10.  Continue to take note and admit to careless sloppy writing.
11.  Seek through prayer, meditation and sometimes tequila ways  to improve my skills.
12.  Have a spiritual awakening and a shot as the result of these Steps,and try to carry this message to other unpublished writers so that they can use these principles in all of their  writing.

Cin Cin!

Always, Em-Musing


Matthew Rush said...

Oh boy this is hilarious ... and yet ... surprisingly astute as well. Hmm.

Jen said...

I loved this!!!! I prefer wine over tequilla but I believe the same results apply!! :)

Natalie said...

LOL. Number 11 is definitely my favorite. :)

Talli Roland said...

Hahaha! I like number 11 too. I think I may need to follow this 12-step programme!

Sloan Parker said...

Great post!! Love number 11 too. Hang in there, Em!