Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Kids are great!
They see life very differently.
Obviously their frame of reference is–
Well, they don’t have a frame of reference yet.
This is where parents and grandparents teach them.
There are some places…
You should never take inquisitive children…
With loud mouths…
"Why is everyone so old here, grandma?"
"It's a nursing home. And not everyone is old."
"Are all these people nurses?"
"No, honey. That's just what they call this place."
“What’s that smell, grandma?”
“Shh! Don’t talk so loud.”
“Why are all those people sleeping?”
“I guess they’re tired. Shh!”
“Grandma, Why is that man staring at me?”
“Maybe ‘cause you’re a pretty little girl. Honey, please don’t talk so loud.”
“Grandma, that man is–“
I know! SHHHHHHH!!!!
"Grandma, that lady is talking to herself."
"I know, honey."
"I'm not sure. Honey, please keep your voice down."
“Grandma, are those bibs on those people?”
“Yes, honey,”
“To keep they’re clothes clean. Now, shhh, please!”
“Yes, honey?”
“Are those big diapers the nurse is holding?
“I think so.”
“Why are they so big?”
“I don’t know honey. And please don’t talk so loud.”
“Are they for fat people? Do fat people wear diapers?”
“No! Now SHUSH!”
“Grandma? I’m confused. Who wears those big diapers?”
An hour later…
And twenty more questions…
We finally left.
I was exhausted!
On the drive home it occurred to me…
I’ve been in that nursing home dozens of times…
Have been around and seen everything my granddaughters saw…
Never saw all the details quite like they did.
When I’m writing scenes in my chapters…
My five senses need to be…
On kid alert.

Always, Em-Musing


Joanne said...

The world is so new and intriguing through a child's eyes. It's a great tool to use in our creating, definitely, to bring that wonder to our work.

Suean said...

Yeah...never bring them to a funeral home with a talking Woody doll.