Wednesday, June 9, 2010


"Ugh! I'm so busy!”
If you ever hear me say this again…
Is it just me?
Or is this all people are saying lately?
Is “I’m so busy,” the collective whine of the universe?
I don’t mean to be mean spirited…
But come on!
Everyone is busy!
In their own busy way.
My busy may not be your busy
And my busy may not seem that busy to you…
And my busy may not seem as important as your busy…
But my busy is enough to make me feel well
Crazy busy!
But being busy
Isn't an excuse
Because we're ALL busy.
I just hope and pray
That all this "I'm so busy" mantra
Isn't going to manipulate the energy of the universe
As theorized in The Secret
And when we get to the “other side”…
That whoever or whatever is there…
Won't be too busy…
For us.

Always, Em-Musing

1 comment:

T. Anne said...

Ha! This is too good. I hope the universe isn't easily manipulated either. ;)