Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I have a great new travel bag!
It's a combination purse/briefcase.
My sister got it for me for my birthday.
And it's great!
It has all these great compartments.
There are at least ten different pockets of various sizes.
Some are zippered compartments.
One is a velcro'd pocket.
Another is a mesh pocket so I can see what's inside the pocket.
There's even an insulated pocket for hot and cold food items.
And a handy pocket for my computer with a strap so my computer doesn't fall out.
Yes, this travel bag has pockets and compartments for everything I travel with.
And all to make my life eaiser.
Yes, it's great!
Except for one tiny problem . . .
I can't rememer which pocket or compartment I put everything in!
Recently, at the airport, I stood in line to buy something. I looked at my travel bag and . . .
I couldn't remember which pocket my wallet was in.
A line of people started forming behind me.
The cashier looked irritated.
A heard a few huffs behind me.
The someone said, "What's wrong with that woman?"
I felt anxious . . .
I felt a hot flash coming on . . .
I plunged my hands into the depths of this bag.
Still couldn't find my wallet!
There were more people lined up now.
I was ready to dump the whole bag on the filthy floor.
Then finally!
My fingers touched my wallet.
I yanked it out, then yanked out a bill to pay for the bottle of Fuji water.
"Ma'am,  I can't change a hundred."
"Sorry," I said looking in my wallet for a smaller bill.
Three more hundreds.
My mind spins.
Where did I put the twenties and tens?
Oh yeah, now I remember . . .
I put them in one of the outside pockets so I wouldn't have to dig in the bag for my wallet.
But now I can't remember which pocket and what side of the travel bag I put them in.
"Come on, lady! We'd like to pay for our stuff sometime this year," a man in line said.
I looked at the obviously peeved cashier and said, "Sorry, all I have is a hundred."
"Sorry," she said. "I can't take it."
I left the bottle of water on the counter and walked past the line of people glaring at me.
As I passed the mouthy man, I heard him say, "That's just great! She didn't even buy the water!"
Embarrassed and frustrated I vowed . . .
I'm going to make a list of what I put in each pocket so this won't happen again.
But then I wondered . . .
Which pocket would I put the damn list in?
Always, Em-Musing

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