Thursday, December 10, 2009


When I heard the radio spot for the local performance of The Nutcracker,
It suddenly occured to me . . .
Isn’t it time someone comes up with a new Christmas ballet?
Don’t get me wrong, I love The Nutcracker ballet.
Loved watching it at least a half-dozen times . . .
With my kids . . .
And then my grandkids . . .
And no, I’m not talking about a new a Disney production.
Or a Sesame Street production.
Or any other kind of kiddie production.
Especially an “on ice” production.
I’m talking about a new contemporary ballet.
One that would also become a Christmas tradition.
Then we’d have two ballets and could alternate years.
I mean, I would think local ballerinas would love to dance to more than just The Nutcracker.
After years of only The Nutcracker ballet, aren’t they bored with it?
I know I’m bored with it.
Nothing new except wondering why some of the ballerinas have big thighs.
I’ve not kept up with productions in NYC, but somewhere I’m sure someone is still choreographing ballets.
Anyway, I got curious and Googled “new Christmas ballet.”
And guess what?

There is one!
Seems a guy —well a choreographer—in San Francisco named Michael Smuin came up with one:

"The Christmas Ballet is an unlikely mix of angelic carolers, tap-dancing Christmas trees, sexy vamps, swaggering cowboys, undulating hula girls, courting Yeshiva students, a shark right out of Jaws, and a troupe of dancers whose every move tells a story. Music ranges from Bach's Maginificat to Eartha Kitt's "Santa Baby." It is decidedly not The Nutcracker:it is definitely too much, but it works. It is basic fare for Smuin Bellets/SF, San Francisco's youngest, funkiest ballet company."

Well, that’s not exactly what I had in mind.
So, here’s my idea for a new Christmas ballet.
Take the music of Enya . . .
And just like someone took some Abba songs 
and made a musical with them . . .
Take Enya’s songs, weave a Christmas story around them . . .
And make a beautiful ballet.
Now that would be a Christmas ballet I wouldn't get bored with.
So, Santa if you’re listening . . .
That’s my Christmas wish.

Always, Em-Musing



Jasmine said...

I've seen The Christmas Ballet in the Bay Area by Smuin Ballet and it is STUNNING! There is really nothing like it anywhere. . . I would heavily suggest seeing it if you're ever in the area. Not your regular holiday dreck.

Jill Kemerer said...

That new Christmas ballet sounded mighty weird! Sharks? Yikes! I like your idea better!

Em-Musing said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with The Christmas Ballet. Now I'm curious and want to see it. Guess it proves it's not good to form an opinion by research alone.