Thursday, October 7, 2010


How to drive a writer crazy?
A laptop with a mind of its own.
I was in the process of writing my blog this morning when–
Popped up on my screen.
What the . . . ?
All I had done was hit the “delete” button.
Were everywhere!
Fine, I thought. I’ll just open up a new document.
What the . . .?
 Was there too. And on every other document.
Thank heavens for Google…
Any and all problems of the universe…
Can be solved on Google.
And so I fixed the problem and got rid of  ¶.
Now the keyboard is operating s l o w l y .  .  . 
It can’t keep up with my fingers…
And trust me…
I’m not that fast a typist.
I’ll be on to two more thoughts…
Before the words appear on the screen.
And trust me…
I’m not that fast a thinker.
Then I was going to check a word in the “dictionary” option and…
G O N E !
Where would the dictionary option go?
And why?
I then heard a faint whining on my laptop…
Something was “processing” beneath the layers of my software.
Perhaps, my system was “scanning” itself.
It scanned at 2 A.M.
And there was nothing in the vault.
I brought my laptop to the computer shop last week…
And left my life in pixels…
In their geeky hands.
What if the geeks…
Being geeky
Hooked up my USB video device
And linked it up to their computer…
So that right now…
They can see me sitting here…
In my nightieEEEE!
Gotta go!
Back tomorrow with more clothes on.

Always, Em-Musing
P.S. What? I’m m a writer. I see crazy plots everywhere


Suzy Turner said...

LOL brilliant... and oh so true! How these fiendish things (laptops) were brought here to try us!
Great post.

Talli Roland said...


Technology is always a bugger, isn't it? I have so many issues... I think I have an electrical field around me that just messes things up!