Saturday, September 12, 2009


Thank you Nora Ephron for making the movie, Julia & Julie. I saw it a few days ago and I’m still inspired.

This morning, after tweaking my query letter for the first book in the "Em" series, I drank my perfect cup of Trader Joe Bay Blend coffee and watched clips of Julie Child on YouTube. I remember seeing Julia Child years ago when she was really on TV. I used to think she was gangly and weird, but funny.

Now, I’m all a Ga-Ga!

After watching her make Steak Diane, a chocolate mousse cake, talk about the different kinds of chickens that she had sitting up on the counter like poultry puppets, and finally eggs, I went downstairs into my kitchen and, in true Julia Child mode—using my Julia Child voice impersonation—I talked and laughed while I heated my pan with butter. I cracked two eggs into a bowl and whipped them with chopsticks ala Julia Child. Then, doing exactly what Julia said, I poured the eggs into the hot frying pan, shook it back and forth, did a quick jerk of the pan to flip the eggs, and VOILA!

The perfect omelet!

Boy, wish I could heat up my laptop, crack open some great ideas, whip them up in Word a bit, flip on the printer, and VOILA!

The perfect query letter.

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