Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This past weekend, at my writer group’s brainstorming retreat, questions were asked like, when’s the best time for you to write—morning, afternoon, late night, after sex?” How much can you write per sitting—a hundred words, a few pages, anything? And how much time do you devote—an hour, two, or whatever you can steal from the day? And so forth and so on.

And being a writer, I do have to eek out time to write before the day gets hold of my schedule and I’ve got  a thousand other things to do. And my time is early in the morning. 

I must say though—knock on wood—that I’ve never suffered from writer’s block.

Maybe because of the method I’ve devised. I call it my "golden plan."

I liken it to a woman’s bladder.

Every woman who is either middle-aged and/or has had at least one kid knows that their bladder, being subjected to time, gravity, and the birthing process, becomes leaky plumbing.

And, as most women who have this condition know that whenever you're out and about, you never NEVER pass up a bathroom.

Why, men might ask?

Because we leaky women never know when the next bathroom will be. An hour later? Two? Or heaven forbid—right now!

And, as all leaky women also know, when we use the bathroom, even if we don’t have to go at the moment, eventually, if we sit long enough, something comes out.

And that’s my golden plan.

Every morning I just sit at my laptop, even if I don’t really have any thoughts or ideas just yet, but if I sit and ponder long enough, eventually something comes out.

Of my brain that is.

 Not the most sophisticated method, but it works.

 Always, Em, musing


Jill Kemerer said...

Too funny! And true! Thanks--I needed this one!

Em-Musing said...

thanks Jill.