Friday, September 25, 2009


I bought two watermelons at Costco a few weeks ago. Not that I needed two, but that’s how Costco packaged them—two cantaloupe-sized watermelons in a stretchy, net-type bag. When I got them home, I wanted to put them into the refrigerator, but there wasn’t any room no matter how I rearranged the shelves so I had to leave them out on my counter. Not long after, I went to my friends’ house for my Corn/Butterfest dinner I mentioned in my last post.

Four hours later, I left her house full, buttery, and a bit tipsy. What can I say? Two beers, I’m a lightweight!

However, I did have decaf coffee after dinner so perhaps I was more tired than tipsy.

Anyway, back home, I went into my kitchen to take my nighttime herbal supplements. When I stepped past my counter heading towards the sink to get a glass of water, I noticed something strange happening to the watermelons.
Foam was oozing out of them.
Lots of foam!

I tried to remmber if I had had my kitchen sponge over there earlier. But I knew I hadn’t. And even if I had, why would the soap foam still be foaming? I also knew that the foam on my sponge wasn’t even that foamy the last time I used it. What was happening?
And then a thought popped into my head! ALIENS!

Like in The Invasion of the Body Snatchers when aliens came to earth in pods!

OK, OK. My imagination was getting away from me.

But in the original 1956 movie starring Kevin McCarthy and Dana Wynter, aliens came to earth in pods that reproduced people and then took over their minds and their memories.

There were also two remakes of this move. One in 1978 with Donald Sutherland, Jeff Goldblum, and Leonard Nimoy. And the last one in 2007 with Nicole Kidman. I saw them both.

Perhaps it’s just the writer in me, but I wasn’t comfortable going to sleep with two oozing watermelons in my kitchen.

And even if there weren’t aliens in the watermelons that wanted to reproduce me, I was afraid I might have nightmares. Or at the very least, I probably wouldn’t get a good night sleep. So, off to the dumpster I took those foaming watermelons. HA! No more aliens or whatever the heck was making the watermelons foam.

If anyone has a clue about why my watermelons were foaming, clue me in please. Otherwise I may never buy another watermelon again.

Always, Em-Musing

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