Wednesday, September 30, 2009



I’m going insane!

Just a few minutes ago, I passed my closet and saw something shiny on the sleeve of one of my hoodies.

Curious, I looked at it.

It was a medical wristband like the kind they put on you when you’re admitted to the hospital with your name, birth date, doctor, and the date of admission.

The date said 7-25-09.

That was just a few months ago.


My stomach knotted as I ran and got my date book and opened it up to July 25th.


I stared at the date, my heart racing now. What in the hell?

And that’s when I realized.  I must be going nuts!

 Or have been nuts for a while.

Obviously, I was in the hospital somewhere with some condition on 7-25-09 and since then have blotted it out of my brain.

Am I a schizophrenic?

Do I have multiple personalities like Sybil, when one of her personalities did things that the others didn’t know about?

Is that what’s happening to me?

I suddenly felt like I was in my own noir movie, you know, the kind where the lead character finds clues that the life they think they know doesn’t really exist. And there’s really a deeper, darker existence that they’re living in.

I was going to call my daughter and ask her delicately if she knew what I was doing on July 25th, but decided against it. She already thinks I’m getting Alzheimers. I don’t need to promote that idea.

Then I was going to call my friend. But then I wondered, maybe she’s not really my friend after all. Maybe she’s a nurse and in my mentally confused state of mind I call her “friend?”

No, I had to figure this mystery out myself. I had to think while my brain was at least in the present, before it slipped back into a blank mental state.

OK, the wristband was on the arm of a sweatshirt.

Which was odd. 7-25-09  was the dead of summer. Why would I wear a sweatshirt when it was 85 degrees and higher everyday?


Degrees. Something about degrees is ringing a bell.

Wait a minute!

It’s coming to me . . .

Slowly . . .

Yes . . .



I had a fever on July 25th!  Because of strep throat. Yes! I remember now. It was a Saturday. My doctor’s office was closed and being delirious with a raging sore throat, fever and my body racked with pain, I went to a new urgent care a few miles away.

And then before the doctor saw me, the nurse put this informational wristband on me. I remember thinking at the time (which was difficult due to my fever) that it was odd that an urgent care center would put one of these wristbands on me. I then went home and collapsed in bed slept for a whole day and a half.


Silly me.

Guess my writer’s mind went into overdrive for just a moment.

Glad I didn’t tell anyone.

Especially my daughters.


Sloan Parker said...

Hi, Karen. This is a great story. You built the suspense perfectly. Nice post.

Anonymous said...

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